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Find a solution to your scam, fraud or rip-off problem here.    It's time to stop being angry... instead, find a solution if you've been scammed.

Welcome to Scam Resources, your one stop scam, fraud and consumer complaint site. If you've been scammed we're here to help. We provide YOU with the information and the website link resources you need so you receive the product you ordered or you receive a full refund for sub-standard products or for products you paid for but never received.

Soon we'll have available for you... articles on how to avoid identity theft and what to do if your identity is stolen, scam prevention to always keep you out of trouble, scam and fraud solutions if you've already been scammed by an offline or online company so you get YOUR money refunded back!

Free Consumer Action Handbook
  Get your FREE Consumer Action Handbook (click on image). Learn how to protect you and your family starting today. The handbook strikes a balance between providing answers to common questions, and giving you the details about the latest scams and frauds that can effect your wallet. Learn about all the tools available to you to help you resolve disputes with companies that have scammed you. It also includes the crown jewel which is the consumer assistance directory which will help you to protect your federally backed consumer rights. Other subjects include: Buyer beware, cars, banking, credit, employment, health care, insurance, identity theft, privacy and online shopping.
Free Anti-Scam and Anti-Fraud Consumer Ebook   Coming soon... We're assembling it right now and once it's uploaded you'll be able to grab your 100% FREE collection of informative anti-scam reports. You'll be able to easily download all 24 reports (237 pages), and read them at your convenience, no registration or email will ever be required, click, download and read, simple. Some of the report subject titles include: Dot Con, On Guard Online, Botnets & Hackers, Starting an Online Business, 10 Things You can do to Prevent Fraud, Spotting an Imposter, Caught in a Tangled Web, Work at Home Schemes, Net Based Business Opportunities, The Bottom Line About Multilevel Marketing Plans, Pyramid Schemes and many more free reports!
We're also in the process of uploading many informative and educational video's about scams, fraud, rip-offs and consumer awareness to keep you & your family safe.  
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For now feel free to visit these helpful anti-scam, anti-fraud and consumer help websites:

Scam and Fraud Reporting and complaint linksFiling A Consumer Complaint
This is a Federal Government help site that will point you in the right direction so you can file a complaint against the person or company that scammed or defrauded you. Some of the areas covered include: Gathering supporting documents, contacting the seller, contacting third parties (local consumer protection offices, the BBB, state and federal consumer protection offices etc.) and seeking legal help so you get your hard earned money back.

Locate Your State Attorney's Office and File a Complaint
The State Attorney General (AG) serves as the chief legal officer of the states, commonwealths, and territories of the United States. In addition, the AG serves as counselor to the state legislature and to state agencies and as the "People's Lawyer" for all citizens. Use their consumer complaint form to file a complaint if you've been scammed and they'll get involved to help you.

FTC Consumer Complaint Form
At the Federal Trade Commission website you can
file both civil and criminal complaints, such as online Internet sales, telemarketing, product scams, and many other consumer-related fraud through the consumer sentinel database. The sentinel database is tool is used by thousands of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies to gain immediate and secure access to your complaint. Filing a complaint is easy, watch this short FTC YouTube video about how to file a complaint with the FTC.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)
The BBB is dedicated to fostering fair and honest relationships between businesses and consumers, instilling consumer confidence, and contributing to an ethical business environment. The BBB system in the U.S. extends coast-to-coast, and in Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. File your complaint with your state BBB and they will get involved, contact the person or company that has wronged you
, and work to get you resolution or a refund.


Internet Crime Complaint Center
Alert authorities of a suspected criminal or civil violation through the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC). The IFCC serves as a central place for Internet fraud complaints, works to find fraud patterns, and provides timely data of fraud trends.


  Besides helpful resource links, we'll also provide links to scams to avoid now such as...

Frank LaMark
  Shop RTA Cabinets, World Craft Cabinetry and Frank Lamark Scam
Learn how one man named Frank Lamark is scamming many people by selling them kitchen cabinets and in many cases not shipping the cabinets but cashing their money orders, cashiers checks or e-checks and then not giving them the refund they deserve.
Read more about it at a web site called "Houzz" where people were defrauded by this Frank Lamark guy or read about Frank Lamark in the popular Chicago Tribune newspaper. Be very (very) careful out there when you're shopping online, more and more often the scammers are working to take your hard earned money. Always do your research first on a company "before" you place your order so you can save yourself time, money and grief from Frank Lamark!


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